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Glencairn Tasting Glass Glassware

Glencairn Tasting Glass
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Glencairn Glass

There's something special about sipping whisky from a Glencairn glass. Maybe it's the way the curved sides help concentrate the aromas, or how the wide bowl lets you really appreciate the colour of your dram. Whatever the reason, drinking whisky from a Glencairn glass is an experience that all whisky lovers should enjoy at least once.

So why not pick up a set of Glencairn glasses and start enjoying your favourite whiskies in style? You'll be glad you did.

Reviews for Glencairn Tasting Glass
It actually works.
When I started in whisky, I drank it out of an old fashioned tumbler and, although enjoyable, I wanted to try a "proper whisky glass" I thought it was a load of nonsense but it actually intensifies the aroma of whatever you're having a dram of!

Surprised and impressed!
, United Kingdom
one year ago
Fabulous glass.
Great glass, I bought four of them for £2 from my local hospice charity shop.
, United Kingdom
2 years ago
A great glass
The Glencairn Tasting Glass is well made and suitable for most spirits either alcoholic or not.
, United Kingdom
2 years ago
Any whisky tastes good in this glass
, United Kingdom
3 years ago
Must have for a beginner and veteran!
Some may just say "Well, it's just a glass. What can it possibly do that a normal glass can't?" but it really does enhance the aroma and, consequently, flavour of a dram. Whether it be Scotch, Irish, Bourbon or Rum, this glass is a must have. A very large step up from a tumbler.

Fairly easy to clean and made of sturdy glass, these are elegant and durable. As I say, a must have.
3 years ago
It certainly enhances the pleasure of a wee dram
I particularly like the way in which it fits into my hand enabling a very secure grip with my small finger encircling below the bowl
, United Kingdom
4 years ago
The most used vessel for a reason
Most whisky lovers (will) think the form of a Glencairn is superb for many reasons. The glass is easy to grab hold of and the opening makes it ideal to both sip and smell your dram. The entire shape is designed to make it ideal to pick up the more intense smells without the burn of the alcohol (as long as you open your mouth while inhaling). I much prefer this over some thin walled piece or a generic tumbler.

For both beginning and experienced drinkers, this combines the ideal smelling, tasting, and handling of whisky in a single vessel.
, Netherlands
5 years ago
Only glass I need
Great. Holds the nose and taste, with or without water
5 years ago
For most, pass on this and buy a nice snifter
For most, the form is lacking. The glass is awkwardly too small in the hand, and when sipping the nose is too concentrated and intense. I much prefer a thin walled snifter for drinking scotch whisky.

For a connoisseur who will place nosing function over form, this vessel is at the top of the heap.
5 years ago
The only tasting glass you need
Great for tasting rum, and considerably more robust than the ultra-delicate crystal tasting glass.
, United Kingdom
6 years ago

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