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Brockman's Glass
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Brockman's Glass

Everybody seems so obsessed with attaining the 'perfect serve' in the gin world, but just how does one go about ensuring that one's technique is right, or that one is using the correct equipment?

Simple. You start with the basics. A quality glass can make all the difference. There is no use making an exquisitely tasty G&T if you're not in possession of a glass that allows you to demonstrate that.

Luckily, there are plenty of quality glasses about, and this rather beautiful release from Brockman's is a fine example. Don't be fooled though, this isn't all about looks - there's substance to this style.

The glass has a deep balloon shape that serves two purposes; 1) to provide ample room for ice to chill your drink to the ideal temperature, and 2) to allow for distinct aromas to be captured in the curved lip. Combined with a lengthy stem to prevent your hands from warming and spoiling the drink, this glass makes the 'perfect serve' an attainable goal.

Alternatively, just dunk some G&T in it and enjoy.

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