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Aviation Gin
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Country American Gin
Distillery/Brand Aviation Gin

Aviation Gin

Please note: bottles may have original black label, or the special edition Wrexham AFC label (the Welsh football club that Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney own!)

Aviation gin is a brand of gin brought to fame by Ryan Reynolds. it is distilled in small batches in Portland, Oregon.

Aviation Gin was founded in 2006 and takes its name from the Aviation cocktail, which was created in the 1900s. The gin takes a Dutch-style rye spirit base combined with juniper, lavender, anise, sarsaparilla, orange peel and cardamom. The botanicals are steeped in grain spirit for 48 hours before they are redistilled.

Aviation is one of the most popular gins on the market, and it has won numerous awards, including a gold medal at the San Francisco world spirits competition.

Aviation Gin is an intriguing tipple, with a very handsome Gatsby-esque bottle. A fabulous gin to go with its eponymous cocktail, though we wouldn't suggest you wing it. (Geddit?)

Aviation gin was founded by Ryan Reynolds and his business partner, Michael Howard. The two had been friends for years, and they shared a passion for aviation (the cocktail and the activity) and gin. they decided to combine their interests and create a gin that would be perfect for aviation enthusiasts. Aviator Gin, if you like.

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose Crisp notes of juniper alongside delicate floral sweetness, parma violets, a touch of citrus peel and some green vegetal notes in there too, with a pinch of spice.

Palate Wonderfully spicy notes, more prominent than on the nose, cardamom shining through and a scattering of cinnamon, with floral notes continuing.

Finish Spices linger, along with the return of citrus peel.

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Reviews for Aviation Gin
Cheap and nasty.
Doesn't even smell of gin. It's truly vile. As many mixers as I tried to use to make it taste better didn't even work
Holly B , United Kingdom
one year ago
Very smooth gin, very tasty and thirst quenching, especially with lemonade rather than tonic. My favorite by far!
Malcolm Moyle , United Kingdom
one year ago
Save your dough--it's swill.
Save your dough--it's swill. Unless you're into Anise or Licorice flavorings, this is a gin absolutely guaranteed to ruin any cocktail you have in mind. Nice bottle though, I'll give them that (mine came with a bow too). Something else to consider--their large sized bottle is only a liter, not the 1.75 it may appear to be. That's not actually a bad thing--you'll be rid of the wretched stuff sooner.
Ray F , United States
2 years ago
Easy drinker
A good gin for an easy drink, not too harsh and works well with most tonics. Sometimes need something a bit more chilled for a night in
Teri , United Kingdom
2 years ago
Would not recommend as a gin at all
High quality vodka with some angastora bitters would taste the same. Not really gin at all. What little flavor it has dissappears when mixed with anything. Don't waste your money on a spice flavored vodka being marketed as a gin.
Samuel C E , United States
2 years ago
What Happened?
Had purchased it before Diageo acquisition and it was a decent gin. Clean, spicy but not as much juniper as I like. Recently bought a bottle for vacation on Cape… tasted like medicine no matter what I made. Gin and tonic, Negroni, Gimlet, etc. It was so bad I was forced to Kentucky Mules with Bullet.
Todd V , United States
2 years ago
Nothing special
It is a good strong gin and makes a nice gin and tonic but it’s not worth that amount of money.
Master of Malt Customer
2 years ago
Not great.
Overly harsh gin with a chemical aftertaste but it's advertised by Deadpool so you'll buy it anyway.
RS1 , United Kingdom
2 years ago
Another fan
Love it! Quite junipery and it loves lemon and tonic. I agree with others that it has Tanqueray 10 like qualities. It is overpriced but if I saw it cheap enough I would buy it again.
Master of Malt Customer
2 years ago
Love this Gin
Like so many people, when I first tried this gin, I really did not like it. But, I tried it again, with a good quality tonic and in the right proportions and what a difference it made. I used Fever Tree original and I can honestly say this enhanced this gin so much that it will become a favourite.
Jeanette M , United Kingdom
3 years ago