Bombay Bramble Gin 70cl

English Gin • 70cl • 37.5%
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Bombay Bramble Gin
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Country English Gin
Distillery/Brand Bombay Sapphire

Bombay Bramble Gin

Need a gin that's perfect for Bramble cocktails? Bombay Sapphire has just the thing - Bombay Bramble Gin! Made with an infusion of blackberry and raspberry, this ought to be stunning in the eponymous (and aforementioned) cocktail, and should do admirably is all sorts of summery serves.

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Rounded fresh fruit sweetness, balanced by a helping of peppery, woody juniper, plus a hint of citrus cutting through.

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Reviews for Bombay Bramble Gin
Avoid - tastes like cough medicine
Love dry gin and have done for about 20 years. Can also drink orange gin and a few others.
This however is undrinkable with tonic or with lemonade . Smells and tastes like cough syrup. Avoid
Master of Malt Customer
one year ago
Tastes like Frenches Yellow Mustard
I'm so confused, why does this taste like I should be putting it on a hotdog?
Master of Malt Customer
2 years ago
OMG all these negative reviews you guys are nuts! 2 shots of this on ice pour over Capi ruby grapefruit soda and OMG SENSATIONAL!
Siham , Australia
2 years ago
So not worth it
I bought a bottle of this ages ago form my local asda & jesus christ what a waste of money. It tastes like cough syrup & smells awful, the only way I made this tolerable was to mix one shot of this with two shots of tonic & two shots of 7 up. Also, I wrote a review before & I think it was taken down because I gave an actual opinion on how it is rather then going along with the people who claim to like it, of course they have something wrong with their taste buds if its the "best gin" they've eve had so don't listen to them & stick with the honest, albeit negative reviews since I'm more inclined to believe them.
Master of Malt Customer
3 years ago
So so disappointed! Did not have a mix to
Drink with it tonight so thought I would try a little bit straight and tasted like fuel. So disgusted and disappointed and would never buy or recommend. Again
Master of Malt Customer
3 years ago
Jury is still out, difficult to get past the parsnip smell and clove taste...
Mr David C , United Kingdom
3 years ago
My absolute FAVE pink gin.
My absolute FAVE pink gin. I don't like sweet pink gins, so this having no added sugar is perfect for me. Can't wait to sip on one in teh summer.
Master of Malt Customer
3 years ago
Not good. Much nicer Bramble gins out there.
Really disappointing compared to other Bramble gins I've tried. It has an almost medicated twang. It was a Christmas present so I'm going to drink it, but it will be a struggle.
Master of Malt Customer
3 years ago
Sickly sweet cough syrup
I love gin and I love bramble cocktails, therefore I thought I would love this combo. I thought this would just be a time-saver to just combine with lemon juice and maybe a bit of tonic or soda water, but I'm really sorry to say this isn't good at all. This belongs with the RTDs, next to flavoured Smirnoff Ices.
AW , United Kingdom
3 years ago
Im really surprised at all these negative reviews, this is by far my favourite gin! ive always been strictly straight gin and tonic girl im not into all these fancy flavoured gins but with this being made by Bombay i thought id give it a try. Im hooked! i love it!
Master of Malt Customer
3 years ago