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Xin Li He Baijiu

Xin Li He is a prominent producer of Baijiu, China’s national spirit and one of the world’s best-selling alcoholic beverages, predominantly enjoyed within its home country. Baijiu plays a crucial role in Chinese culture, being a staple at celebratory occasions, business gatherings, and family dinners.

Founded in the 20th century, Xin Li He has established itself as a respected name in the Baijiu industry, consistently delivering high-quality products that pay homage to the traditional Chinese distilling methods. The company takes pride in its heritage, embracing the centuries-old techniques and rituals associated with Baijiu production.

The production process of Baijiu is intricate and time-consuming, involving fermentation and distillation of grains such as sorghum, wheat, rice, or corn. Xin Li He particularly stands out for its attention to detail throughout this process, ensuring that the end product preserves the authentic flavours and aromas that Baijiu is renowned for.

Xin Li He’s Baijiu is characterised by its strong fragrance, bold flavour, and high alcohol content, typically ranging between 40-60% ABV. The spirit is known for its complexity, with a taste profile that can include fruity, spicy, savoury, and even umami notes, depending on the specific product and production method.

Understanding the acquired taste of Baijiu, especially for those unfamiliar with the spirit, Xin Li He strives to make its products accessible, offering a variety of Baijius that cater to different preferences and occasions. From the lighter, more fragrant types to the stronger, full-bodied varieties, there is a Xin Li He Baijiu for every palate.

In recent years, with the global interest in unique and traditional spirits rising, Xin Li He has begun to gain recognition outside of China. The company is part of a movement introducing Baijiu to international markets, showcasing the depth and diversity of this ancient Chinese spirit.

Xin Li He stands as a testament to the rich heritage and enduring popularity of Baijiu in China. With its commitment to quality, tradition, and innovation, Xin Li He continues to be a significant player in preserving and promoting Baijiu's cultural legacy, both in China and around the world.

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