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XECO Sherry

XECO Sherry is a new take on Spanish fortified wine. It aims to attract new drinkers while respecting sherry's history. Based in Spain's Jerez region, XECO combines modern branding with traditional winemaking.

Sherry, made from white grapes, comes from a triangle area in Andalusia, Spain. XECO focuses on high-quality, authentic sherry. It aims to appeal to new and experienced drinkers.

The founders have a strong passion for sherry. They want to change old views and reintroduce it as a versatile drink. They use a solera system for ageing. This blends young and old sherries for consistent and complex flavours.

XECO offers different sherries. Their Fino is crisp and dry, great as an aperitif or with food like seafood and tapas. The Amontillado is richer, with nutty and citrus notes. It is good for sipping or in cocktails.

The packaging is eye-catching. It aims to appeal to a younger crowd and break sherry stereotypes. The XECO team holds tastings and events to teach about sherry and build a community of fans.

XECO Sherry blends tradition and modernity. They focus on quality, education, and new branding. This helps reintroduce sherry to new drinkers, keeping this Spanish wine relevant.

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