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White Hare Distillery

Tucked away in the rolling landscapes of South Wales, the White Hare Distillery stands as a testament to modern Welsh spirit-making craftsmanship. This distillery might not have the antiquated history of some of its counterparts, but what it lacks in age, it more than compensates for in innovation and passion.

At the heart of White Hare's offerings are its distinctive gins and spiced rum, each telling a tale of the unique terroir and inventive spirit of the distillery. Their Original Gin is a standout, with pink grapefruit playing a starring role. This citrusy element not only imparts a refreshingly tangy profile to the gin but also adds a delightful brightness that makes it versatile in cocktails and sublime when sipped neat. The infusion of pink grapefruit lends a zesty punch, making it a modern classic in the world of gins.

But White Hare's explorations don't stop there. Taking a detour from the usual, their Hellenic Gin is a nod to Grecian flavours. It's herb-rich, drawing inspiration perhaps from the Mediterranean's aromatic landscapes. This gin is layered, complex, and evokes a sense of the warm, sun-soaked terrains of Greece, making it a unique offering in the gin market.

Venturing into the realm of darker spirits, White Hare's spiced rum reflects the distillery's ability to craft spirits that resonate with both traditionalists and those seeking something a bit different. It's a nod to age-old rum traditions, but with a Welsh twist.

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