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West End Drinks Ltd.

West End Drinks, the team behind King of Soho spirits, is a key player in the UK spirits industry. Based in London, their brand celebrates Soho's vibrant culture, arts, and entrepreneurship. Soho is known for its mix of bohemian and aristocratic styles.

The Range

Their main product line, King of Soho, is more than spirits. It's a tribute to modern Soho and London's entertainment district. The range includes gin and variorum gin, a pink berry-flavoured gin. It honours Soho's history of defiance, non-conformity, and art. Each bottle's design shows Soho's neon lights and energy. The spirits suit today's discerning drinkers.

Making the Spirits

West End Drinks focuses on authenticity and quality. Their King of Soho Gin is made using traditional methods. They craft it in small batches. This gin has a complex flavour – smooth, robust, yet delicate. It appeals to traditional and modern gin fans.

The Variorum Gin is a twist on the classic. It's infused with strawberry and juniper. This gin is slightly sweeter but sophisticated. It's great in summer cocktails, adding colour and vibrancy.

The company doesn't just sell spirits. They immerse customers in Soho's history. Their branding and stories celebrate Soho's icons and landmarks. This connection to Soho's past and place makes their spirits unique.

They also join local events, support cultural initiatives, and promote inclusivity. This reflects Soho's diverse people and stories.

In a market full of mass-produced spirits, King of Soho stands out. It's a symbol of craftsmanship, storytelling, and cultural tribute. They offer more than Soho-inspired taste. They offer a piece of Soho's soul, history, and spirit. For those wanting to experience London's cultural heart, West End Drinks is the ideal choice.

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King of Soho Gin
70 cl / 42% ABV
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