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V.S. Sri Conegliano Wine

The Pink Prosecco winery is in northern Italy, near Treviso. This area is famous for Prosecco. The winery is known for its top sparkling wines. This is especially true since Italy's Prosecco Council approved making rosé Prosecco.

Nick works at the winery. He loves Prosecco. He was excited when the council allowed rosé Prosecco. This decision was to meet the demand for rosé wines and Prosecco. It also kept the high winemaking standards in the region. The winery makes sure its blend of 15% Pinot Noir and 85% Glera grapes is of the best quality.

The winery is among old stone villages and the Dolomite foothills. It dates back to 1881. It has always made wine in the traditional way. The grapes grow for 10-15 years in the sun. The winery uses the Charmat method to make its Prosecco fizz.

Pink Prosecco is the newest wine from the winery. It has a unique taste that works well for the British. The wine has apple, pear, and red fruit flavours. It's good with light pasta and seafood, like in northern Italy. People there enjoy Pink Prosecco not just for special days but also after work.

The winery has the DOC label. This shows it meets the Prosecco Council's high standards. It means the wine is from a specific part of northern Italy.

The winery also has the Equalitas certification from Valoritalia. This shows its dedication to being sustainable. The winery cares about the environment and social and economic issues. It is careful with water, air, and soil. It is well-known in Italy and among Prosecco makers.

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