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VOSS Mineral Water

VOSS stands out in the world of premium bottled waters. Its cylindrical glass bottle symbolises luxury and exclusivity. The water comes from Norway's remote wilderness, one of the purest places on Earth. VOSS is more than just stylish packaging. It shows a commitment to quality, environmental care, and pure nature.

Origin and Source

The water starts its journey in Vatnestrøm, a secluded village in Southern Norway. An underground aquifer there stays untouched by modern pollution. VOSS water comes from this source. It maintains the water’s natural purity and mineral balance. VOSS is known for its fresh, clean taste. It's free from common contaminants found in city water.

Iconic Packaging

VOSS is famous for its packaging. The cylindrical design of its bottle, in glass or high-grade PET plastic, signifies luxury. It's common in upscale places and celebrity events. The bottle is not just for looks. It also symbolises purity and elegance. Plus, it's easy to carry.

Environmental Commitment

Despite criticism of the bottled water industry, VOSS works sustainably. It reduces its carbon footprint and uses recyclable materials. It promotes responsible water use. Their bottling process is direct and efficient. It avoids exposure to air or light. VOSS also works to lessen plastic waste and boost recycling.

Varieties and Flavours

The company is known for its still water. It now offers sparkling water too. The sparkling water is crisp, coming from the same Norwegian aquifer. VOSS also has flavoured sparkling waters. These use natural fruit essences. They add subtle flavours without calories or artificial additives. This expands VOSS’s range in the premium water market.

Global Presence

The water is available in over 50 countries. Its universal appeal meets the demand for pure, premium water. The brand's success comes from its marketing. It collaborates with celebrities and influencers. VOSS is a lifestyle choice for many.

Community and Social Initiatives

The brand is involved in community and humanitarian projects. They focus on clean water and sanitation in Sub-Saharan Africa. Their work includes building boreholes, wells, and sanitation facilities. This positively impacts thousands of lives.

VOSS Water is a celebration of natural purity. Each bottle shares the story of Norway's wilderness and ancient aquifers. VOSS is more than water. It's a lifestyle choice that values quality, design, and nature.

For those seeking more than hydration, who see their choices as part of their identity, VOSS is more than ordinary. It offers a taste of Norway, a sip of luxury, and a connection to water’s purest form.

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