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Vincent Béjot

30&40 is changing the Calvados scene, a classic French spirit. Vincent Béjot leads this new wave.

The brand started in 2016. Three friends, Thibault, Aymeric, and Vincent, created it. They loved classic French apéritifs. These drinks were often simple, enjoyed neat or with sparkling water. They reflected the French social drinking culture.

Their passion led them to make their own apéritif, Double-Jus. They used their knowledge of Norman lands. They blended Calvados with apple must. They didn't add anything else. This kept the drink's traditional taste.

All three are from Pays de Caux. They value craftsmanship in their design and graphics work. They also care about the environment and the quality of food and drink.

Their Calvados journey began by looking for local producers. These producers are often missed in big markets. They helped make Eau de Vie de Cidre, an unaged Calvados, and later, Calvados Extra Old. This had rich, fruity notes. It appealed to more people.

30&40 doesn't make its own spirits. Instead, they work with others. "We visit distilleries, taste, and then buy the juices to make our blends," says Vincent. They have a range of single casks. They are independent Calvados bottlers.

Locals like 30&40's approach. It brings in new, younger customers. The brand doesn't just aim at traditional spirit fans. It also reaches a younger, more varied group. They like local, artisanal products.

30&40 teamed up with Richard Vins & Spiritueux. They share values and a human touch. "They focus on cocktail development," Vincent says. This fits with trends towards traditional, quality products.

Vincent is hopeful for the future. He sees a shift towards quality in customer expectations. Away from Paris and Le Cravan bar, he relaxes in Etretat, his family home. "We enjoy meals together; I like braised lobster with Calvados Extra Old. I often take cliff walks with my grandfather," he shares.

In summer, he unwinds with a "Spritz de Normandie." This has Double-Jus, tonic, rosemary, and lemon. He's happy in his "Norman paradise." He supports the local Zero Mégot project against cigarette pollution. For Vincent, success is about more than 30&40. It's about sharing experiences with important people.

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