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Villon Liqueurs

Villon has made a name for itself in the world of spirits and liqueurs. It offers a unique blend that is both different and appealing. Named after François Villon, the 15th-century French poet, the liqueur represents a mix of tradition and rebellion. It attracts those who like contrast and complexity.

A Seamless Fusion of French and American Influences

Villon is a carefully crafted mix of French VSOP and XO Cognac with American whiskey. This blend honours both French and American spirit-making. The French Cognac adds sophistication and depth with notes of dried fruits and spice. The American whiskey brings robustness and warmth. This forms a solid base for the Cognac's delicate complexities.

A Multifaceted Tasting Experience

The liqueur offers a variety of flavours. It starts with the sweetness of Cognac. This leads to notes of vanilla, oak, and spice. Then, the whiskey's robust character appears. It adds a hearty layer to the sweetness. It introduces a complexity with its charred, oaky elements. The finish is smooth, with a lasting warmth.

Crafting Cocktails with Villon

Villon is great in mixology. It works well in cocktails, blending with different ingredients. It suits both innovative and classic cocktails. From a refreshing Villon Sour to a sophisticated Villon Old Fashioned, the liqueur shows its versatility.

The liqueur combines French Cognac and American whiskey. It bridges cultures, traditions, and flavours. It tells a story of adventure, exploration, and appreciation for well-made spirits. Villon, with its rich palate and versatile nature, invites you on a journey. It shows the beauty of merging traditions and crafting an innovative future.

Every sip of Villon tells stories of old distillation practices, modern blending, and a forward-looking view. It seeks to explore, redefine, and celebrate the art of spirit-making.

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