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Vestal Vodka Distillery

Vestal Vodka is a new player in the spirits world. It was started in 2011 by William Borrell. It's a craft vodka brand known for quality and craftsmanship. It focuses on the natural taste of ingredients like wines do with grapes.

The Concept and Vision

The brand aims to change how people make vodka. Borrell wanted to celebrate the natural taste of raw ingredients. The brand focuses on the quality and type of potatoes used. This is like how wines focus on grape types.

Distinctive Production Process

Vestal Vodka is made in small batches. It uses special potatoes from Borrell’s family farm in Poland. The brand has tried different potato types. Each type brings a unique taste to the vodka. This shows how different potatoes, soils, and climates can change the vodka's taste.

Flavour Profile

The vodka has a rich, earthy taste. This is different from many vodkas. It's creamy and smooth. The taste changes with the potato type and harvest year. Vestal Vodka is good in cocktails and on its own.

Product Range

The range has several types. Each shows different potato types or making methods. They include limited editions and vintage releases. These reflect specific harvest years. The brand also makes flavoured vodkas. They focus on natural tastes and quality, like their classic vodkas.

Environmental Commitment

Vestal Vodka cares about sustainability. It uses organic farming and tries to keep a low carbon footprint. This appeals to consumers who care about the environment.

Vestal Vodka in the Market

Since starting, Vestal Vodka has received attention and praise. It has changed how people see vodka. It appeals to those who like artisanal spirits. Mixologists like it for adding depth to vodka cocktails.

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