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Union Distillery

One Last Round Premium Vodka leads the innovative drinks from Union Distillery. This vodka is more than a drink. It shows the strength of two worlds working together. Joe ‘Silk’ Cummins, a top mixed martial artist from Birmingham, teamed up with Ash, a leading spirits producer. They made this unique vodka. Every bottle reflects local pride from Birmingham. The vodka is smooth and refined, thanks to skilled makers and top-quality ingredients.

Union Distillery also explores new flavours. Their One Last Round Black Cherry Vodka is a great example. This 70cl bottle stands out with its bright red colour. It promises a tasty journey. When you open the bottle, you smell the sweet black cherries. The vodka, at 40%, mixes the strong spirit with the sweet and tangy cherry flavour. It's more than a drink. It invites those who love mixing drinks to try new things.

What sets Union Distillery apart is their approach. They don't just make drinks. They tell stories and celebrate working together. They also push limits in the spirit world. Teaming up with Joe ‘Silk’ Cummins adds depth to their story. Each sip of their vodka reminds you of the hard work, discipline, and passion in sports.

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