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Twiss Up Cocktails

Founded in 2019 during an intense game of blackjack, Twiss Up was born out of an accidental but brilliant creation by Omarr, one of the founders. He managed to combine aromatic premium cognac, smooth white rum, and intense tropical flavours to create an extraordinary 'twiss', a combination that initially seemed unlikely but ended up working perfectly, much like magic. This creation marked the inception of the UK's first cognac and rum-based canned cocktail.

The team at Twiss Up, consisting of Omarr, Dan, and Abdul, takes great pride in crafting these magical moments for their customers. They believe in the power of exploring unique flavours and shaking things up on the journey to self-discovery. Every can of Twiss Up is a step towards uncovering what makes an individual unique, and that's when they believe the real magic happens.

Their canned cocktails are meticulously crafted in small batches within the UK, ensuring that every sip delivers premium quality. Twiss Up invites everyone to join them on this thrilling adventure as they continue to push boundaries and explore unique flavours, all in the quest to create magical cocktails that offer an insane taste experience.

Among their unique creations is the Cheeky Cherry cocktail, a blend that unleashes a burst of flavours on the taste buds, taking them on an extraordinary journey. This cocktail combines premium cognac and smooth white rum with the enchanting flavours of cherry, guava, passion fruit, and coconut. It's a delightful symphony of tastes, suitable for vegans and vegetarians, with a 7% ABV. Served best on the rocks or chilled straight from the can, Cheeky Cherry is perfect for picnics, parties, BBQs, Netflix nights, or game nights.

Another standout in their lineup is the Lippy Lemon cocktail, an irresistible blend of crisp vodka and smooth white rum infused with zesty lemon, sweet pineapple, exotic lychee, and creamy coconut. This tropical symphony, also suitable for vegans and vegetarians and with a 7% ABV, defies expectations and brings a touch of magic to every sip. The Lippy Lemon cocktail is perfect for those who enjoy a smooth and delicious twist on their favourite drinks, and it's best served on the rocks or chilled straight from the can. Whether you're hosting a picnic, a party, or simply enjoying a night in, Lippy Lemon is an excellent choice.

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