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Twin Fin

Twin Fin Distillery started in 2012. It shows the growing love for craft spirits. This independent, family-run distillery is in Cornwall. It gets inspiration from Cornwall's coastlines and the Caribbean's beaches.

Cornwall Meets the Caribbean

Cornwall's wild landscapes and artistic history provide a dramatic setting for the distillery. Twin Fin blends Cornwall's cool coast with the Caribbean's tropical warmth. Master distiller Tarquin Leadbetter, known for Tarquin’s Gin, creates this fusion in their rum.

Artisanal Distillation Process

Leadbetter uses four copper pot stills: Tamara, Senara, Tressa, and Ferrara. Copper pots are a traditional choice. They add complexity and texture to the spirit. These stills turn quality ingredients into a spirit that captures its birthplace's essence.

The Cornish rums are distilled with attention to detail. They use local fruits and spices and exotic influences. Leadbetter then blends these with selected Caribbean rums. The Caribbean rums come from top distilleries. This blending adds depth to Twin Fin’s flavours.

Flavour Profiles and Offerings

The final spirit is a range of rums. They are fruity and spiced. They mix Cornish and Caribbean tastes. The rums show Twin Fin's adventurous and authentic ethos. They are great neat, over ice, or in cocktails. The flavours take you on a journey through the places that inspired them.

Sustainability and Commitment to Craft

Twin Fin focuses on the process, not just the product. The distillery is committed to sustainability. It aims to protect Cornwall's coastal environment. They use eco-friendly practices in sourcing and production. This helps Twin Fin work in harmony with its surroundings.

Community Engagement and Experience

The family behind Twin Fin values community. They connect with locals and rum fans. Visitors to the Southwestern Distillery can enjoy the spice aromas and a warm atmosphere. This encourages exploration and learning.

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