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Tristan Stephenson Books

"The Curious Bartender" series is an essential collection for anyone passionate about the art and science of mixology. Written by Tristan Stephenson, a renowned bartender, and drinks industry consultant, the series delves deep into the intricate world of alcoholic beverages, providing readers with a blend of history, science, and artistry.

Each book in the series focuses on a particular theme or spirit, offering a comprehensive exploration that combines detailed historical backgrounds with the chemistry behind each drink's creation. Tristan doesn't just stop at explaining the origins and evolutions of classic cocktails; he also introduces innovative techniques, offering budding mixologists the chance to elevate their craft.

Beyond the technical and historical aspects, what sets "The Curious Bartender" apart is its engaging narrative style. Tristan writes with a flair that captures the reader's imagination, transporting them to dimly lit speakeasies of the past or the vibrant, bustling bars of the modern era. The series is adorned with beautiful photography and illustrations, making it not just a valuable resource but also a visual delight.

For professionals in the drinks industry, the series is an indispensable reference. But even for the casual reader or cocktail enthusiast, "The Curious Bartender" is a journey into the enchanting world of beverages, revealing stories and secrets that add depth and flavour to every sip. In essence, through these books, Tristan Stephenson serves not just drinks but experiences, making every reader a guest at his bar, eager to learn, taste, and explore.

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