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Tinkture, founded by Hannah Lamiroy, is not just another player in the saturated gin market; it has managed to carve out a unique niche with its commitment to organic ingredients and a sustainable ethos.

Tinkture's Rose Gin is a standout, both in flavour and appearance. Distilled from fresh, David Austin roses, the resulting gin is amber in its original state. However, when tonic or any acidic mixer is added, it magically transforms into a beautiful rose gold, thanks to the natural pH indicators in the rose petals. The gin itself is fragrant, light, and offers a clean, delicate taste that sets it apart from the more juniper-heavy gins on the market.

Beyond the product, Tinkture is firmly rooted in sustainable practices. The distillery sources its roses from certified organic farms, ensuring no pesticides or chemicals interfere with the gin's purity. Furthermore, the emphasis on local sourcing, minimal waste, and recyclable packaging reflects a broader commitment to environmental responsibility.

Additionally, Tinkture's distinctive apothecary-style bottles hark back to an era of traditional medicine and alchemy, reinforcing the brand's holistic approach to gin production. This choice of packaging not only serves aesthetic purposes but is also a nod to gin's historical roots and the ancient art of distillation.

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