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The Three Wheel Gin Co.

For fans of classic British comedy, the name "Three Wheel Gin Co." might invoke a chuckle before even a sip is taken. Drawing inspiration from the iconic "Only Fools and Horses" TV show, this distillery melds a passion for gin with a touch of British humour. Their 'Three Wheel' reference is an undeniable nod to the Trotters' infamous Reliant Robin, an emblematic three-wheeled van from the show.

The same brand is also responsible for the Lancaster Dry Gin, continuing their trend of taking traditional gin and adding their unique spin. But don't let the playful references fool you, because when it comes to crafting spirits, Three Wheel Gin Co. is dead serious.

Juniper-heavy with a symphony of botanicals, their gins balance tradition with innovation. Copper pot stills are central to their distillation process, showcasing a nod to time-honoured techniques, ensuring that every bottle holds a consistently high-quality spirit.

A standout in their range is the Trotter's London Gin, a product that seamlessly weaves their British comedy inspiration with the age-old art of gin-making. The gin offers layers of complexity, from citrusy brightness to richer herbal notes, making it a versatile choice for both classic and modern cocktails.

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