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The Organic Spirits Company Gin

Juniper Green Organic Gin is made at Thames Distillery in Central London, near Clapham. It is unique, as Thames is the only distillery in London that both distils and bottles gin. This makes Juniper Green a true London Dry Gin.

The Maxwell family has been involved in gin distilling since 1700. Charles Maxwell, the current Master Distiller and Managing Director at Thames, is the eighth generation in this tradition. His ancestor George Bishop started a gin distillery in London. This became the Finsbury Distillery, known for Finsbury London Dry Gin and Stone's Ginger Wine.

Charles Maxwell keeps family recipes and botanical blends. These have been passed down for over 300 years. Juniper Green Organic Gin reflects this history. It uses organic juniper, coriander, angelica, and is savoury with smooth organic spirit from organic grain. It is also 100% gluten-free.

Juniper Green is the world's first Organic London Dry Gin. It has over three centuries of distilling experience. The Soil Association, a top organic certification body in the UK, certifies it. This confirms its organic ingredients. These include the finest organic grain, pure water, and 100% organic botanical herbs.

The organic grain used is ideal for alcohol production. It does not need chemical fertilisers. The grain is stored without chemical fungicides. This preserves natural microorganisms for better fermentation. Juniper Green has a refined, clean spirit. It is the premier Organic Gin in the world.

Juniper Green's unique taste comes from its organic botanicals. These are sourced globally and distilled using a special recipe. They include:

- Organic Juniper Berries

- Organic Coriander

- Organic Angelica Root

- Organic Savoury

Drinking Juniper Green Organic London Dry Gin is not just enjoying a fine spirit. It is also appreciating history, organic craftsmanship, and quality.

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