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The Muff Liquor Company

The Muff Liquor Company* is a craft distillery in Muff, County Donegal, Ireland. Laura Bonner and Tom Russell started it in 2017. It honours Bonner's grandfather, Philip McClenaghan. He was known for making homemade poitín. Bonner wanted to continue her family's distilling legacy.

Product Range

The company is known for its potato-based spirits. This includes vodka and gin. Using potatoes is a nod to Irish distilling heritage. Potatoes give a smooth and slightly sweet base. This sets their spirits apart from common grain-based ones.

Their vodka is distilled six times. This gives it a clean finish and creamy texture. Muff Gin is mixed with botanicals like mandarin, lemon, rosemary, and elderflower. This adds a modern twist to the classic gin. These ingredients create a complex and refreshing taste.

Distillation and Production

They focus on quality and small-batch production. This ensures high standards. Both the vodka and gin are carefully made. Each batch is monitored to keep quality and consistency.

Sustainability and Community

The company also cares about sustainability and community. They get their potatoes locally. This supports local farmers. They use sustainable methods in production. This reduces their environmental impact. This shows the industry's move towards eco-friendly practices.

Awards and Recognition

Their dedication to quality spirits has been recognised. They have won several awards. This shows their quality and hard work. It raises their profile in the global spirits community.

Expansion and Innovation

They aim to reach international markets. They keep innovating, adding new flavours and products.

Visitor Experience and Distillery Tours

The company offers distillery tours. Visitors can see how they make their spirits. They can also taste them. These tours are educational and immersive.

The Muff Liquor Company mixes tradition and innovation. They make spirits that fit Irish history and modern tastes. Their potato-based vodka and gin, sustainable practices, and engaging brand make them stand out. They are growing and attracting international attention. The company shows the lasting appeal of well-made spirits and their stories.

*This is actually the actual name.

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