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The Melbourne Gin Company

The Melbourne Gin Company (MGC) started in 2012. It's part of Australia's craft spirits scene. Based in Gembrook, Melbourne, it makes premium, handcrafted gin. The founder, Andrew Marks, is a skilled winemaker.

Andrew's winemaking background influences his gin-making. He focuses on terroir. The botanicals in the gins, many local, are carefully chosen. This ensures each batch's unique flavour.

MGC uses "single-shot" distillation. Unlike some, they don't redistil. Each run produces a full-flavoured gin. The botanicals include juniper, coriander, angelica, macadamia, sandalwood, honey lemon myrtle, and organic navel orange. This mix of classic and Australian botanicals creates a gin that reflects Melbourne.

The range includes the Melbourne Dry Gin and limited releases. These offer various flavours for gin fans.

The brand matches Melbourne's culture. The distillery's design and marketing show Melbourne's artistic and cosmopolitan style. MGC is part of Melbourne's identity.

Visitors to the Gembrook distillery get an immersive experience. They learn about distillation, botanicals, and its philosophy. These visits build a community around quality gin.

MGC stands out globally for its quality and its link to Melbourne. It offers a taste of the city's innovation and commitment to quality and community. As craft spirits grow, MGC will continue to reflect Melbourne's spirit.

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