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The Lovers Rum

The Lovers Rum is a tribute to a family's passion for storytelling. They use Tarot art and skilled rum blending. The rum's history is linked to fortune-telling women who used Tarot cards. This tradition has passed through generations.

Looking at the bottle, you see a detailed Tarot card label. It reflects the stories and symbols of its history. Each symbol has its own story. 'Rosa' celebrates family strength. 'El Tigre' shows the bold spirit of India, symbolising courage. 'Daiquiri' shows the rum's quality. 'Flamingo' represents grace, beauty, and uniqueness. The name comes from the 'The Lovers' Tarot card. It stands for love, balance, and harmony. These themes carry into the rum's flavour. The Lovers Rum has a mix of tastes from five Latin American and Caribbean regions:

- Barbados brings roasted walnut, ripe banana, and smoky oak tannins.

- The Dominican Republic offers cinnamon, toasted coconut, and a spicy finish.

- Nicaragua adds dark coffee, chocolate, and a quick dry end.

- Guatemala has all-spice, banana, and deep flavours like cashew and cinnamon.

- Panama tempts with smoky oak, vanilla, and dark chocolate.

Each rum adds its own character and taste. This mirrors diverse cultures and ethnicities.

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