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Thames Distillers

Thames Distillers, located in London, is important in the spirits industry, especially for gin. This independent distillery focuses on creating high-quality, bespoke spirits, mainly gin. It's known for its heritage in the spirits industry and its dedication to craftsmanship, quality, and innovation.

The Heritage of Thames Distillers

The company was founded by Charles Maxwell, from a long line of distillers dating back to the 17th century. Based in London, a city with a gin-making history, it continues a tradition that has made London a key place for gin production.

Specialisation in Gin

Thames Distillers specialises in gin. It has two 500-litre pot stills, Tom Thumb and Thumbelina, used only for gin. These stills allow flexibility and precision, ideal for small-batch, artisanal gins.

Bespoke Spirit Creation

The distillery offers a bespoke spirit service. It works with clients to develop custom-made spirits. This covers concept, recipe development, distillation, and bottling. It serves new and established brands.

Emphasis on Quality and Craftsmanship

They use the best ingredients, including grains and botanicals. They closely monitor distillation to meet high standards.

Innovation and Experimentation

The brand experiments with botanicals, infusion methods, and distillation techniques. This keeps it at the forefront of the evolving gin market.

Education and Collaboration

Besides making spirits, the distillery focuses on education and collaboration. It hosts workshops and tastings, sharing knowledge with enthusiasts and professionals. It often collaborates with others in the industry.

Environmental Responsibility

Thames Distillers is committed to being environmentally responsible. This includes reducing waste, managing energy, and sustainable sourcing. These steps follow a trend towards eco-friendly production in the spirits industry.

The Global Reach of Thames Distillers

While based in London, Thames Distillers has a global presence. Its bespoke gins are popular worldwide. This shows the universal appeal of quality gin and the craftsmanship of Thames Distillers.

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