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Terralta Tequila

Terralta is a premium tequila, and its name means "high land" in Spanish. This reflects its source from Jalisco's highlands in Mexico. Terralta is made with great care and attention.

Jalisco's high-altitude region is known for its red soil and unique climate. This gives the blue agave plants grown there a distinct flavour. The soil's minerals and the climate add to the agave's robust and complex profile. This shapes Terralta Tequila's character.

A key part of Terralta's process is using deep well water for distillation. This water comes from over 450 feet deep. It is mineral-rich and affects the tequila's final flavour.

The brand has different types of tequila, from unaged blancos to aged añejos. Each has unique tasting notes but shares the traits of highland tequila. These include a peppery bite, herbal notes, and a sweet agave finish.

Terralta Tequila showcases Jalisco's highland terroir and careful craftsmanship in premium spirits. For those seeking a genuine and rich tequila experience, Terralta is a brand to try.

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