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Teichenné is a family-run distillery in Spain, known for its liqueurs, gins, and spirits. Juan Teichenné Senaux founded it in 1956 in L’Arboç, near Barcelona. The distillery blends tradition, innovation, and a passion for quality.

Originally a small producer for locals, Teichenné expanded under Juan's vision. They now offer a wide range of liqueurs and spirits to a bigger market.

The brand is praised for its artisanal methods. They use traditional recipes and natural ingredients. This ensures authentic, pure flavours in their liqueurs, from fruit to cream options.

The distillery focuses on detail. They choose high-quality materials and monitor production for consistency and excellence. Their maceration and distillation processes extract optimal flavours and aromas.

Their gin production is also notable. Teichenné has embraced the gin renaissance, creating premium gins. Their gins are known for balanced botanicals, smoothness, and unique flavours. They appeal to traditional and adventurous gin drinkers.

The product presentation is elegant. The bottles reflect the spirits' quality. This makes them stand out on shelves, attracting customers who value taste and looks.

The distillery has won many awards. These recognise their commitment to high-quality spirits.

Teichenné also supports cocktail culture. They offer resources for bartenders and cocktail fans. Their products suit various cocktails, encouraging mixology creativity.

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