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Teerenpeli Whisky

Teerenpeli Distillery, in Finland, is known for its whisky. Founded in 2002, it focuses on traditional methods, local ingredients, and sustainability. It has made a name in the global spirits market.

Located in Lahti, Teerenpeli enjoys Finland's cultural vibe and natural beauty. They use local barley, Finnish groundwater, and peat and malt. This supports the local economy and gives their spirits a Finnish touch.

The distillery values tradition in production. They use pot still distillation, known for creating complex spirits. Their copper pot stills, made in Scotland, are key to their whisky's flavour.

Their whisky matures in different casks, like ex-bourbon, sherry, and Finnish oak. This variety brings diverse flavours and aromas. Finland's harsh climate also speeds up the maturation.

Sustainability is important for Teerenpeli. They use renewable energy and recycle waste. This eco-friendly approach appeals to environmentally conscious customers.

The distillery has won international awards. Their whiskies are smooth, and balanced, and have a Nordic character. They are popular in Finland and beyond.

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