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T.E.A. Gin

T.E.A. (Tea Enriched Alcohol) is a unique brand in the spirits market. It blends tea with traditional drinks. This UK-based brand uses fine tea leaves and high-quality spirits. These include organic grains and natural botanicals. This shows their commitment to quality and flavour.

The Range

T.E.A. offers gin and vodka infused with different teas. Their Earl Grey Gin blends bergamot with aromatic gin botanicals. The Jasmine Vodka combines jasmine tea with crisp vodka. These spirits balance tea and alcohol well. They stand out for their unique flavours.


The brand uses traditional distillation with tea infusion. They brew tea leaves and then add them to the spirit at the perfect time. This keeps the tea's delicate aromas and flavours. This way, the tea complements the spirit base.

T.E.A. is about creating experiences. They suggest bespoke cocktails with their products. These range from tea twists on classics to new drinks. These showcase their spirits' unique traits.

The company also focuses on sustainability. They use organic, natural ingredients. They work to reduce waste and their environmental impact. This shows their care for quality and the environment.

T.E.A. has made its mark in the spirits market. They blend familiar tea with quality spirits. Their products are innovative, full of flavour, and of high quality. They offer a rich, nuanced journey of taste for those who love tea and fine spirits.

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