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T-Oinos Wine

T-Oinos is a unique winery from Tinos, an island in Greece's Cyclades. Established in the early 2000s, it is known for its excellent wines and effort to revive Tinos' historic wine culture.

Alexandre Avatangelos and Gerard Margeon started T-Oinos. They wanted to show Tinos as a top wine-making place. The island's special environment helps grow unique grapes. T-Oinos brought back ancient winemaking from the times of Dionysus, the wine god.

The Land and Grapes

The vineyards are near Clos Stegasta mountain, 450 meters high. The strong 'Aeolos' winds and granite soil shape the wine's taste. They focus on Greek grapes like Assyrtiko and Mavrotragano, which suit the area.

Winemaking Style

T-Oinos mixes old ways with modern techniques. They farm organically, respecting nature. They make wine with little change, showing the grape and land's true nature. Their wines are pure and complex.Assyrtiko

A top white wine, known for its crispness, minerality, and citrus flavours.


This is a red wine, deep and intense with red fruit and spice flavours.

Eco-Friendly Practices

The winery focuses on sustainable growing. They save water, use organic fertilisers, and protect nature.

World Recognition

The wines are globally acclaimed. They are on top wine lists and are praised by critics, making Tinos famous for wine.

Cultural Role and Tourism

The winery is a cultural symbol in Tinos. It attracts wine lovers and shows the island's winemaking history. This helps the local economy and culture.

Future Plans

T-Oinos aims to keep making outstanding wines that reflect Tinos. Their focus on quality, sustainability, and innovation will enhance Tinos's wine legacy.

The winery is a leader in Greek winemaking. It honours Tinos's wine tradition and uses sustainable methods. The winery is more than just a producer of fine wines. It shows the strong link between land, culture, and wine.

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