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Strane Gin

Strane Gin comes from Swedish skill and craft distilling. It is made at Smögen Distillery. This is on a scenic farm near Hunnebostrand, north of Gothenburg. The distillery started in 2009. It first made a name with its Smögen whiskies. These whiskies quickly won over enthusiasts with their quality and taste.

The Start of Strane Gin

The brand began in 2014. This was a new step for Smögen Distillery. Making gin showed the distillery's range and focus on top spirits. Strane Gin is different in the gin market. It uses a unique method. This involves distilling three separate spirits. This is a detailed way to make a complex and balanced gin.

Different Types of Strane Gin

Each type of Strane Gin shows the distillery's care and skill in blending. The types are Merchant Strength, Navy Strength, and the full-on Uncut. Each is made by mixing these three distilled spirits in certain amounts. This makes for a deep flavour and extraordinary balance. This sets Strane Gin apart from others.

The Merchant Strength

Merchant Strength is a balanced blend. It suits those who like a classic gin taste. Navy Strength is stronger and more intense. The Uncut is a bold choice. It offers an unfiltered and strong gin experience.

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