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Storywood Tequila

Storywood Tequila offers a new take on a classic spirit. It blends tequila and whisky together. Made in Jalisco, Mexico, Storywood is known for ageing tequila in whisky barrels. This gives a strong and complex flavour. It stands out in the premium spirits world.

Founder's Vision

Michael Ballantyne, inspired by his time in Scotland and Mexico, wanted to make a spirit. He combined whisky's smoky notes with tequila's bright character. Storywood tells a story of two countries, two cultures, and two spirits.

Ageing Process

The tequilas age in oak barrels used for Scotch whisky. This lets the tequila take in flavours and smells from the wood. It gains tastes of caramel, oak, vanilla, and a hint of smoke. This makes a well-balanced spirit that offers the best of both worlds.

The Range

Storywood has several types, each with its own character. This includes the bright Storywood Tequila Reposado, aged for seven months. There's also the rich Storywood Añejo, aged for a year. Each type is carefully made. They use 100% blue Weber agave. They embrace the strong flavours from the whisky barrels during ageing.

Commitment to Sustainability and Tradition

The brand is also about sustainability and tradition. The agave is picked by Jimadores, skilled workers who know how to find and pick ripe agave plants. The spirit is made using old and new methods. This makes a tequila that respects its roots and looks to the future.

What Storywood Tequila Represents

Storywood Tequila is where new ideas meet tradition. It combines sunny Mexico with misty Scotland. Every sip is a journey across oceans, cultures, and traditions. This tequila tells a story in each different type in their range. It is for adventurers, storytellers, and those who like a mix of old and new.

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