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Stinger Liqueurs

Wildsip is a unique player in the spirits market. It makes special flavoured liqueurs. Two products stand out: Stinger Nettle Liqueur and Doc Shot Dock Leaf Liqueur. They are known for their bold flavours and unique experiences.

Stinger Nettle Liqueur

Stinger Nettle Liqueur uses interesting ingredients. The main one is nettle. It also has grapefruit, bay leaf, and reaper chillis. These chillis are very hot. Some are over two million on the Scoville scale. This is much hotter than common Scotch bonnet chillies. This liqueur has a strong, spicy taste. It stays on the palate. The taste has increasing chilli heat. It is balanced with grapefruit freshness and a grassy taste.

Doc Shot Dock Leaf Liqueur

Wildsip's Doc Shot Dock Leaf Liqueur blends chamomile, mint, and clove. This makes an aromatic drink that is fragrant and inviting. It looks interesting under UV light. The main tastes are calming chamomile and warm clove. They mix with refreshing, cool menthol.

Wildsip's Approach

Both drinks show Wildsip's focus on new ideas in spirit-making. They experiment with bold flavours. They create experiences of adventure and novelty. They are about enjoying quality liqueurs.

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