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Stillers Spirit

Stillers Drinks is a range from Old Coach House Distillery Ltd. It started in spring 2019. The brand shows the founder's love for phytochemistry, distilling, and mindful drinking. It makes natural, alcohol-free drinks. These are alternatives to traditional gin. They meet the rising demand for non-alcoholic options.

Founder's Experience

The founder has over twenty years of experience in distilling medicinal plants. They have explored plant essences. These essences have been used in aromatherapy, food, and medicine for years. They are known for their health benefits. This includes antiseptic properties and aiding digestion. But their rich flavour is what makes them stand out.

Product Range

Stillers Drinks’ first range focuses on health and taste. It includes handcrafted botanical distillates. These are made from organic herbs and spices and Welsh spring water. The result is a line of premium non-alcoholic spirits that taste good.

Celtic Myst and Silk Roots

The products, Celtic Myst and Silk Roots, are inspired by different cultures. They are like a travel diary in a bottle. Celtic Myst has a refreshing juniper and citrus taste. It honours the founder’s Irish roots. Silk Roots is a warm blend of cardamom and cinnamon. It is inspired by the Silk Road from India to the West.

Unique Process

Stillers Drinks uses a special process. It captures the true essence of the botanicals. The flavours are just right. They don't add any flavours, natural or not. The result is a 100% distilled, alcohol-free botanical drink. It has crisp and clean bold flavours. It's good with your favourite mixer.

Celtic Myst and Silk Roots as Drinks

Celtic Myst and Silk Roots are sophisticated drinks. They are perfect for those wanting a non-alcoholic option without losing the experience. They have no calories and are vegan-friendly. These products show Stillers Drinks' commitment to mindful living and quality.

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