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Sprezza Cocktails

Sprezza is changing how we see and enjoy Italian aperitivos. Their drinks have deep roots in Italian culture. They are modern versions of classic Italian refreshments. These fizzy drinks are carefully made. They show Italy's lively spirit and rich food history.


Sprezza started with the 'Spritz'. This is a light and refreshing Italian cocktail. The creators of wanted to put this in a ready-to-drink can. This appeals to people who like quality, true taste, and convenience. Each can reflects the relaxed piazzas of Italy. Here, people enjoy life.

The Product Range

Sprezza's range mixes classic aperitivo tastes: bitter, sweet, and fizzy. They use true Italian recipes, natural ingredients, and old methods. This makes an authentic taste. The drinks mix bitter herbs, aromatic plants, and sparkling water. This creates a refreshing and lightly alcoholic drink. It's good for many occasions.

The taste of the drinks comes from traditional Italian plants. Ingredients like rhubarb, orange, juniper, herbs, and spices are used in the right amounts. This makes a complex but balanced taste. This careful process is like the skill found in old Italian distilleries and wineries.

Sprezza Rosso

Sprezza Rosso has a bright red colour and great taste. It mixes bitter citrus and sweet rhubarb. It has a soft herbal taste too. The fizz adds a zesty taste. It's good for hot days or as a dinner drink. It's best served cold, straight from the can, or over ice.

Sprezza Bianco

Sprezza Bianco is crisp and refreshing. It's slightly more bitter than Rosso. It has complex smells of plants, with citrusy notes and a bitter finish. It's for people who like a less sweet, more detailed taste.

Sprezza's Place in the Market

The brand stands out for its true taste and quality. It also fits today's lifestyle. The packaging is stylish and simple. The ready-to-drink format suits today's fast life. But the brand is still about Italian skill.

More Than a Drink

It promotes 'La Dolce Vita' or 'the sweet life'. It asks people to enjoy everyday moments. This could be with friends, alone, or at celebrations.

Sprezza mixes old and new. It offers a unique, rich, and easy drinking experience. With great flavours, high-quality ingredients, and Italian joy, Sprezza drinks are more than just tasty. They invite you to enjoy life's sweet moments.

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