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Soldeica Pisco

Soldeica Pisco Distillery is a key part of Peruvian heritage. It has made a big impact with its Piscos. Each type tells a story of old practices, Peru's rich land, and the art of distillation. Some products show Soldeica's focus on quality and realness.

The Products

The Soldeica Puro Quebranta is pure Pisco from Quebranta grapes. These grapes give a strong, complex taste. The Pisco has a dry, fruity character with banana, citrus, and fresh aromas. It tastes like the Peruvian coast where the grapes grow. This gives a bold, full flavour.

The Puro Italia is made from Italia grapes. These are known for their strong aroma. The Puro Italia has a delicate, perfumed smell with tropical fruits and sweet flowers. The taste is a mix of jasmine, lime, and melon. It has a sweet, velvety finish. This shows Soldeica's skill in keeping each grape's unique taste.

The Acholado is a blend of different grape types. This makes a complex, balanced Pisco. It has a lively, fruity smell with ripe fruit, herbs, and spices. The taste is fresh and creamy, ending with a warm finish. It's great neat or in cocktails like the Pisco Sour.

The Mosto Verde is made from partly fermented grape must. It needs more grapes and careful distillation. The result is smooth and refined. It smells of ripe peach and creamy vanilla. The taste is rich with fresh herbs, sweet almonds, and citrus zest. The finish is clean and soft, making it a great sipping spirit.

Soldeica's dedication to tradition, innovation, and sustainability shows in these products. Each bottle is an experience of Peru's culture and passion. As Soldeica continues to use Peru's rich biodiversity, it remains a top name in Pisco.

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