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Sion Farm Distillery

In the world of spirits and distilleries, it's rare to see a brand that breaks the norm and offers something new. Mutiny Island Vodka from Sion Farm Distillery is one of these brands. It changes our view of vodka and its ingredients.

The Distillery

Sion Farm Distillery is in the US Virgin Islands. The area is full of vibrant culture and heritage. The Caribbean is usually known for rum because of its sugarcane history. But Sion Farm's vodka adds a new story to the spirit scene there.

Breadfruit: An Unexpected Star

Mutiny Island Vodka is unique because it uses breadfruit. This fruit is a key part of the Caribbean diet. It looks like a green, spiky melon. Inside, it's creamy and rich, like yams or bread. Its slight sweetness and starchy nature make it great for fermentation.

Tasting Notes

Mutiny Island Vodka has a special taste. It's different from grain or potato vodkas. The breadfruit gives it a smooth, slightly sweet flavour with tropical hints. This vodka combines Caribbean tradition with a wide appeal.

The Process

To make this vodka, they cook breadfruit to get its sugars. These sugars are key for the distillation process. The result is a flavourful vodka that captures the Caribbean's essence.

Sion Farm Distillery's Mutiny Island Vodka shows the vast possibilities in spirit making. It proves that creativity and local produce can create unique and reflective spirits.

For those who love spirits or want to try new vodkas, Mutiny Island Vodka is a journey. It mixes traditional distilling with new ingredients. This vodka is a fresh take on the drink, offering a taste of the Caribbean with every sip.

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