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Shima Drinks Ready to Drink

Shima is a brand that draws inspiration from two unique islands. It focuses on making saké spritzers in cans that can be recycled forever. The brand mixes the classic spritz with new flavours, quality, and eco-friendly design.

They offer a Yuzu & Elderflower variant. This drink has yuzu juice's tartness and a bit of sweetness. It also has elderflower's aromatic notes. These enhance the green, floral tastes of the Junmai Saké. Junmai Saké is a traditional Japanese drink made from water, rice, koji, and yeast. This gives it a rich taste with floral, fruity, and earthy notes. Koji is important in bringing out the rice's flavour. They use a top Junmai saké with no additives.

Yuzu & Elderflower saké spritzer is made with sparkling water, sake, yuzu juice and extracts of elderflower and Persian lime.

The Plum & Hibiscus variant is a rich drink. It has juicy Damson and Ume plums and hibiscus's zesty, redcurrant-like flavours. This adds depth to the green rice taste of the Junmai Saké. Like the Yuzu & Elderflower, they use a top Junmai saké. This ensures a pure, additive-free drink.

Plum & Hibiscus saké spritzer is made with sparkling water, sake, plum juice, and extracts of hibiscus and Persian lime.

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