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Shack Rum

In the world of rum, variety is key. Rums from the Caribbean to Central America offer different flavours, textures, and smells. They depend on where they come from, how they are made, and what is added. The 'Shack' range of rums joins this world. It combines different rum traditions and adds Haitian-inspired tastes.

Shack Orange

Shack Orange shows the new spirit of rum-making. Made in Barbados, Guatemala, and Trinidad, it blends aged rums. What makes it different is the added zesty oranges, refreshing lemon, and vanilla. This makes a drink with traditional rum depth and a citrusy sweetness. It's ideal for those wanting a new twist on classic rum.

Shack Super Spiced

The Super Spiced is for those who like bold flavours. Like Shack Orange, it uses rums from Barbados, Guatemala, and Trinidad. It stands out with its added spices and fruits, following a Haitian recipe. The bottle shows the heritage and skill that go into it. This rum is for those who like intense flavours and the heart of Caribbean rum-making.

Shack Honey

Shack Honey uses the timeless appeal of honey. It mixes traditional and modern tastes. Based on aged rums from Barbados, Guatemala, and Trinidad, it is a mix of flavours. Along with honey, there are hints of orange, vanilla, and warm cinnamon and clove. Verbena and marjoram add complexity. This makes a blend that is soothing and lively.

The 'Shack' range shows how rum is evolving. It keeps the core of its origins in Barbados, Guatemala, and Trinidad. It also adds the energy of Haitian flavours. It offers rum fans a journey that is both familiar and new. Whether you like traditional rums or new tastes, the 'Shack' range offers a deep look into rum-making, one sip at a time.

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