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Selvatiq: Italy's Expression of Wilderness in Spirits

Selvatiq is an Italian artisanal spirits producer that reflects the rich biodiversity and traditions of Italy. The name 'Selvatiq' itself is a play on the Italian word 'selvatico', meaning 'wild', which perfectly encapsulates the brand's approach and philosophy.

Located in Italy, a country known for its centuries-old spirits-making traditions, Selvatiq stands out by combining this legacy with a fresh, modern perspective. The brand's ethos is deeply rooted in showcasing the diverse wild botanicals found in the country's lush landscapes.

Selvatiq's gin is a testament to Italian craftsmanship. Distilled using a variety of wild botanicals, each sip tells a story of Italy's varied flora. The precise blend and distillation methods yield a gin that's aromatic, flavourful, and unmistakably Italian.

Beyond gin, Selvatiq has ventured into producing amaro and vermouth. Both these spirits have deep ties to Italian culture. The amaro, a bitter liqueur, is crafted using a range of herbs, roots, and other botanicals, creating a complex flavour profile that dances between sweet and bitter. Their vermouth, an aromatized wine, is both fragrant and flavourful, offering a symphony of tastes that make it perfect both as an aperitif or as a component in cocktails.

In line with its emphasis on the wild and natural, Selvatiq is also committed to sustainability. The brand takes care to source botanicals in a way that doesn't harm the environment, ensuring that the natural landscapes they celebrate remain untouched for future generations.

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