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Santa Fe Spirits Whiskey

Santa Fe Spirits started in 2010 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It's known for making top-quality artisan spirits. These capture the essence of the Southwestern United States. The distillery uses local ingredients and traditional methods. This has helped it stand out in the American craft spirits market.

The distillery has a range of spirits. Each one highlights local flavours and smells. The Colkegan Single Malt Whiskey is a key product. It's praised for its complex taste and smoky hints. The whiskey uses mesquite-smoked malted barley. This is like Scottish whiskey methods but with a Southwestern touch. The result is a strong yet smooth spirit, full of flavour. It reflects the distillery's New Mexican roots.

Santa Fe Spirits also makes other spirits like gin, vodka, and liqueurs. The Wheeler’s Western Dry Gin uses a mix of botanicals. These include juniper, osha root, and cholla cactus blossom. This makes a gin that is both familiar and unique. The Expedition Vodka is made from local apples. It has a clean, crisp taste and a smooth finish. This makes it different from usual grain-based vodkas.

The brand cares about quality and new ideas. It has a tasting room. Here, visitors can try all the spirits, join guided tastings, and learn about making spirits. This shows the brand's love for sharing Southwestern flavours and history.

Colin Keegan, the founder, has led the distillery from a small local business to a national name. The spirits are now sold in many states. This lets more people enjoy their unique flavours and skill. Santa Fe Spirits shows the lively and creative side of American craft distilling.

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