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San Matias Tequila

San Matías is one of the older tequila-producing houses in Mexico, its roots traceable back to 1886. Located in the heart of the Jalisco region, which is famously known as the birthplace of tequila, the San Matías distillery has been crafting its spirit for over a century, managing to entwine age-old traditions with contemporary techniques.

Tequila San Matías, under the vigilant eyes of Carmen Villarreal, Master Distiller, has established its reputation through a commitment to excellence. Carmen's leadership, notably being one of the few women leaders in the male-dominated tequila industry, brings a unique touch to the brand, ensuring each bottle captures the essence of agave and the soul of its origins.

The San Matías offerings range from the clean, crisp profiles of their blanco tequilas to the more complex notes found in their aged expressions. Through their meticulous distillation and ageing process, every sip offers a story of the land, the agave plant, and the hands that made it. Key to their portfolio are the likes of San Matías Tahona and San Matías Gran Reserva, each showcasing specific facets of the tequila crafting process.

One defining factor for San Matías is its dedication to preserving the traditional methods. They place a significant emphasis on the tahona process for some of their tequilas, wherein a large stone wheel crushes the agave to extract its juices – a labour-intensive method that's becoming increasingly rare in modern tequila production. This dedication not only pays homage to the age-old techniques but also imparts a distinct character to the spirit.

In the world of tequila, where old meets new and traditions are continuously being redefined, San Matías stands out as a beacon of authenticity.

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