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Renegade & Longton Wine

Renegade & Longton is a brand that has changed the way we think about sparkling wine. They use new ingredients and methods to make unique drinks. They honour and challenge traditional winemaking.

Based in Britain, Renegade & Longton makes sparkling wine from elderflowers, not grapes. This captures the English countryside's essence and offers fresh, distinct tastes. They combine old fermentation methods with a modern twist.

Founders Toby and Elliot had a clear goal. They wanted to use Britain's natural gifts and try new winemaking ways. Their sparkling wines are rich, complex, and innovative.

The brand experiments with fermentation and flavouring. They use wild yeast for fermentation and various elderflowers. These techniques create novel drinks that reflect the local land. Each bottle is a taste of the lush British landscape.

Renegade & Longton also focuses on sustainability and natural methods. They aim for wines that are good for both the palate and the environment. They use local, foraged ingredients and avoid artificial additives. This approach supports sustainable, ethical production.

Renegade & Longton are pioneers in sparkling wine. They show that innovation, tradition, and environmental care can blend well. Their wines invite drinkers to enjoy familiar flavours in new ways.

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