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Rémy Cointreau Liqueurs

Rémy Cointreau, a famous French spirits group, has a long history in luxury spirits. Founded in 1724, it's known for its quality and skill in making liqueurs and alcoholic drinks. Its key products, Cointreau and Passoã, show its commitment to excellence and innovation.


Cointreau is a well-known liqueur in Rémy Cointreau's range. This clear orange liqueur has been popular since 1875. Edouard Cointreau, a confectioner and master distiller, created it in Saint-Barthélemy-d'Anjou, France. It's made by distilling sweet and bitter orange peels. This method hasn't changed much in over a century.

Cointreau combines tradition and precision. It balances sweet and bitter orange flavours, setting the standard for triple sec. With a 40% alcohol content, it's strong and versatile. It's used in many classic cocktails, like the Margarita and Cosmopolitan.

The unique taste comes from carefully chosen and blended orange peels. The recipe is a secret, known to only a few in the company. This ensures every bottle has the same quality and taste that has been loved for generations.


Passoã joined Rémy Cointreau in 1986. It's a bright and exotic liqueur, focused on passion fruit. It has a deep red colour and sweet, tangy taste. It's popular for fruit-based cocktails and long drinks.

With about 17% alcohol, it's lighter and great for aperitifs and relaxed drinking. The creation of Passoã is a secret. However, the passion fruit's aromatic oils are key to its bouquet and flavour.

Passoã is versatile. It mixes well with juices, soda, and sparkling wines. It's essential in the Pornstar Martini, where its passion fruit flavour shines.

A Legacy of Craftsmanship

Rémy Cointreau's success with Cointreau and Passoã lies in its commitment to craftsmanship. It uses the best ingredients, traditional methods, and new technologies. This ensures each bottle shows its heritage and quality.

The liqueurs are distilled in copper pot stills. This is crucial for their pure and refined flavours. Centuries-old ageing and blending techniques add depth and complexity.

Global Reach and Recognition

Rémy Cointreau's liqueurs are globally known. Cointreau and Passoã are popular worldwide, both alone and in cocktails. They represent French elegance and lifestyle, showing France's leadership in spirits.

Sustainable Future

The brand focuses on sustainability and responsible production. It works to reduce its environmental impact. This includes sustainable ingredient sourcing and reducing waste. This approach ensures its legacy will continue responsibly.

Rémy Cointreau makes high-quality spirits like Cointreau and Passoã, which reflect its rich history. Cointreau shows its dedication to excellence, innovation, and the flavours of life with orange zest. Passoã does the same with tropical passion. As an industry leader, Rémy Cointreau offers a taste experience that is both distinctly French and widely loved. These liqueurs, whether neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail, invite you to a world of refined pleasure and enjoyment.

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