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RedLeg Rum brings the Caribbean's vibrant spirit to life with its rich flavours and cultural charm. Made by The RedLeg Rum Company, this spiced rum has quickly gained popularity for its unique qualities and lively character.

The rum embodies the relaxed Caribbean lifestyle. It is distilled and aged in the Dominican Republic before being infused with natural spices in the UK. The name comes from the RedLeg Hermit Crab, native to the Caribbean, known for its bright legs. This reflects the spirit's origins and its standout presence in the market.

The rum is a blend of three-year-old rums aged in oak barrels. It is combined with Jamaican ginger and vanilla spices. This creates a rich, sweet, and spicy flavour. The barrel ageing adds complexity to the rum, softening it for a smoother taste.

On the nose, the rum offers a tropical aroma. Vanilla is prominent, giving a sweet, creamy scent balanced by ginger's zesty kick. The taste matches the aroma. It has a velvety texture with vanilla sweetness and spicy ginger warmth, ending with a light peppery zest.

RedLeg Rum is versatile. It works well in simple drinks with cola or ginger beer and in complex cocktails needing a spiced rum with depth. The spice suits winter drinks, while vanilla notes are great for summer or tropical cocktails.

RedLeg Rum's branding is as lively as the rum. It features a quirky red-legged crab and bright Caribbean colours. This reflects the rum's sunny nature. This branding helps RedLeg stand out on shelves and in bars, showing its fun, unpretentious, and sociable Caribbean roots.

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