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Rebellion Rum

“Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest, yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum” There’s no shortage of rums that are inspired by tales of pirates bootlegging, smuggling and pillaging across the Caribbean, all while sharing a hearty bottle of 'grog'*. Rebellion Rum is one such rum brand, inspired in particular by the lyric above, famously sang in the outstanding Muppet Treasure Island**. The line itself is said to have been informed by a story about the pirate Edward Teach, better known as 'Blackbeard'. Supposedly, Blackbeard marooned a mutinous crew on ‘Dead Man’s Chest’, an island speculated to be part of the British Virgin Islands. It was surrounded by high cliffs, possessed no viable water or food source and had no stretch of beach that a ship could land on. Each crew member was given was a cutlass and a bottle of rum, and it was presumed they would eventually kill each other. But when Blackbeard returned after 30 days, he was greeted by 15 survivors. Rebellion honours the spirit of these men with its own, err.. spirits - black, white and spiced rums. These delicious Trinidadian rums were made in a distillery that was founded in 1824, and are bottled in the Netherlands. Rebellion is a brand that combines beautiful blended rums with buccaneer moxy and a Pirates of the Caribbean aesthetic, and its three core releases are perfect for anyone who dreams of taming that cruel mistress - the high seas! *This is a nickname for rum, as are the following: 'Barbados Water'; Kill-devil'; 'Demon water'; 'Navy Neaters'; 'Nelson's blood'; 'Rumbullion'; 'The pirate's drink'; and 'Splice the main brace' (I don’t know either). **Apparently this was an adaptation from a Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel, which is considered something of a classic. It’s just called Treasure Island and it contains no muppets.

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