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Purity Gin

Thomas Kuuttanen founded Purity Spirits in Sweden in 2005. The company focuses on making high-quality vodka. They commit to craftsmanship, innovation, and sustainability.

The brand uses the finest natural ingredients. They source organic winter wheat from local farms in southern Sweden. This grain improves the vodka's taste and supports sustainability, reducing the carbon footprint.

A key feature of Purity vodka is its unique stills. The distillery uses copper and gold-lined copper stills made for Purity. These stills ensure purity and smoothness. They help make a clean vodka with character.

The making of the vodka is about quality. Each batch is distilled 34 times. This is more than most vodkas. This thorough distillation process makes Purity vodka pure and refined.

Purity vodka is also sustainable. The distillery uses 100% renewable energy. This makes their production carbon-neutral. They have been recognised for reducing environmental impact.

The result is a smooth, complex, and versatile vodka. Purity vodka has won many awards. It's one of the world's finest vodkas. It's good in cocktails or on its own. Its clean taste and subtle flavours make it popular with experts and mixologists.

The company has grown beyond vodka. They now make premium spirits like gin and aquavit. Each product meets the same high standards.

Purity Spirits is a leader in quality and sustainability in spirits production. They use the best organic ingredients, advanced distillation, and focus on sustainability. This has set a standard in the industry. Purity vodka is both an art and a science, perfect for sipping or in classic cocktails.

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