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Purasangre Tequila

Purasangre Tequila, meaning "thoroughbred" in English, represents a rich heritage and careful craftsmanship. It comes from Mexico, tequila's birthplace. Purasangre honours old methods used by generations of tequila makers, or 'Jimadors'.

This tequila is made in Jalisco's highlands, known for fertile volcanic soil. This is perfect for growing agave. The area's high altitude and climate lead to sweeter, fruitier tequila. Purasangre uses only the best blue agave plants, matured over several years. This long maturation develops complex sugars. When distilled, they give the tequila a smooth but strong flavour.

Production Process

The making of Purasangre starts in the agave fields. Jimadors harvest the plants by hand. They carefully remove the spiky leaves to get the 'piña', the plant's heart. The piñas are then slow-cooked in brick ovens, or 'hornos'. This caramelises the sugars and brings out the sweet, earthy agave flavours.

After cooking, the softened piñas are crushed to get the aguamiel, or 'honey water'. This is then fermented. Purasangre uses wooden vats or stainless steel tanks. They allow natural yeasts to help with fermentation. This method, slower than using commercial yeasts, adds the unique flavour of Jalisco's highlands.

Distillation is a key stage. The distillery uses copper pot stills. They heat the fermented liquid, turning it into vapour and then condensing it into spirit. Purasangre is often distilled twice. This refines the tequila, softening its character and purifying its flavour.

The Range

Purasangre Tequila includes Blanco, bottled after distillation, and aged types like Reposado and Añejo. Reposado rests for months in oak barrels. This balances the agave's natural flavours with vanilla and spice notes from the wood. The Añejo ages for years, deepening these complex flavours and giving a richer colour.

The brand stands out for its traditional methods, sustainability, and ethical practices. The brand supports the agricultural community and land health. This helps preserve the blue agave's heritage.

In the glass, Purasangre Tequila offers a mix of flavours, from sweet and floral to earthy. It ends with a warm, peppery finish. It's more than a drink. It celebrates Mexican culture, tradition, and the art of tequila making.

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