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Porty Gin

Porty Gin comes from Portobello, a suburb of Edinburgh, Scotland. It's unique in the UK gin market for its flavours and how it's made. Its name reflects its local area, Portobello. The gin is simple and straightforward, popular with those who like a clean and easy drink.

The production at Porty is simple but focused on quality. They use basic, high-quality ingredients. Juniper is the main one, giving gin its taste. They also use other botanicals like coriander, angelica root, and citrus peels. These give each bottle a crisp, refreshing flavour. They add these to a neutral grain alcohol and distil it. This lets the alcohol take on the flavours.

The distillery uses a traditional still. This lets the master distiller keep the flavour and quality consistent. Distillation heats the alcohol and botanical mix, turning it into vapour. This vapour is then cooled and condensed into liquid. They collect the 'heart' of the distillation. This has the right flavours and alcohol level. They discard or redistil the 'heads' and 'tails' to avoid waste.

The gin rests for a bit, letting the flavours blend. Then it's bottled and sold. Porty's method is clear and easy to understand, which makes it stand out.

The brand has a range of products. Their original gin is smooth and fresh. It's for those who like a classic gin. You can drink it neat, in a G&T, or in cocktails.

They also have flavoured gins, like raspberry and rhubarb. These are popular as fruity alternatives. They're good with tonic or in cocktails.

Porty Gin's success comes from its traditional distilling, local ingredients, and simple approach. It's crisp, unassuming, and easy to drink. This makes it popular with gin fans.

Porty Gin's success is also due to its simplicity in production and range. This shows customers they can trust its quality. It's a gin that's simple yet enjoyable. Whether for a quiet night or a party with friends, Porty Gin is a clear, easy, and thoroughly British choice.

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