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Persie Gin

Persie Gin is made in the Scottish Highlands. It is known for its strong aroma and well-rounded flavours. Simon Fairclough, the 'Gin Man of Scotland', founded it. He believes the smell and taste should both be part of the gin experience. This offers a full sensory journey for both avid gin fans and newcomers.

The distillery is at the foot of Glenshee in Perthshire. It focuses on the importance of aroma in gin-making. Their gins are made with a mix of botanicals. These are chosen for both taste and smell. The goal is to create specific, memorable scent profiles that turn into great flavours.

Persie's gin range is varied but always easy to drink and unique. They make gins with three main scent and flavour profiles: Zesty Citrus, Herby & Aromatic, and Sweet & Nutty Old Tom. This lets customers choose a gin that suits their personal taste and smell preferences.

Zesty Citrus Gin

This gin is bright and full of citrus notes. It's refreshing and uplifting.

Herby & Aromatic Gin

This gin has a rich, complex profile. It mixes herbal notes with subtle aromatic botanicals.

Sweet & Nutty Old Tom Gin

This gin is sweeter and earthier. It offers a smooth, slightly sugary experience, different from classic gin.

Persie Gin also focuses on social and community work. They're not just known for their gin. They're also a socially responsible brand. Their 'Dog Gins' range supports PADS (Perthshire Abandoned Dogs Society), a local dog rescue charity.

The brand offers more than just gin. They create a full gin-drinking experience. It combines smell and taste. All their gins are high quality and full of aroma. Each bottle shows the care and skill that goes into making it.

They also help their local community. This shows a brand that is both ethically aware and committed to making top gin.

In a constantly changing market, Persie Gin stands out. It's known for its aroma, honest craft, and mix of quality and ethical awareness. It's not just gin. It's a sensory adventure, an ethical choice, and a showcase of the rich world of gin in the Scottish Highlands.

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