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In the heart of Herefordshire, a county renowned for its fertile landscapes and fruit orchards, stands Penrhos Distillery, a testament to the blend of innovation and tradition. This distillery, deeply rooted in agricultural practices, harnesses the bounties of its surroundings to create spirits that are both flavourful and environmentally conscious.

Founded by two farming families in Herefordshire, the distillery sits amidst acres of orchards and fields, with the vast majority of ingredients used in their spirits grown right on their doorstep. This farm-to-bottle approach ensures freshness, traceability, and a genuine connection to the land.

Their Wonky Raspberry Gin epitomises the ethos of Penrhos Distillery. Made using surplus raspberries from their farm, this gin is a brilliant example of sustainable production. Instead of letting perfectly good, albeit aesthetically imperfect, raspberries go to waste, they are repurposed into a tantalisingly fresh gin that bursts with the natural sweetness and tang of the fruit. This practice not only reduces waste but also ensures that each bottle is packed with the authentic taste of Herefordshire raspberries.

Aside from the famed Wonky Raspberry Gin, Penrhos Distillery boasts a diverse range of spirits, each reflecting the character and flavour of the ingredients grown in the region. The commitment to sustainability and local sourcing is evident in every product, from their signature gins to limited edition releases.

In essence, Penrhos Distillery is a beacon of sustainable spirit production in Herefordshire. By intertwining their farming background with modern distillation techniques, they've managed to craft products that are not just delightful to the palate but also kind to the environment. It's a celebration of nature's abundance and the timeless allure of the Herefordshire countryside.

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